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7 Series LED Retrofit Kits for Metal Halide and HID fixtures – Retrofit Kit LED

We have all series led retrofit kits for metal halide and hid fixtures lamps,the metal halide retrofit kits, led retrofit kits for hid fixtures,Our LED Retrofit Kits contain high-output bright leds for distance & close range indoor and outdoor use,if you find High Bay,Low Bay,Street,Shoebox,Wall Pack,Canopy,Tube,Flood Light retrofit replacement light bulb lamps,buy from us! They are a true replacement for general lighting applications. For more, please visite:… and…

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8 Series LED Gas Station Canopy Lights for 2016

We have 8 series LED Gas Station Canopy Lights,full rang of led gas station lighting used in gas station,there are B Series LED Gas Station Canopy Soffit Lighting,C Series LED Gas Station Canopy Lighting,D Series LED Gas Station Canopy Lights,F Series LED Gas Station Canopy Lights,G Series LED Gas Station Canopy Light,A Series Canopy Ceiling Mounted Gas Station Lights,Explode Led Gas Station Light and Module Led Gas Station Light for choose.We supply Gas Station lighting solutions, for canopy, shop, area and road, Produced by Bbier Lighting,a Strong China-Based Manufacturer with 7 YEARS of Lighting Experience. For detail, please visite:… and

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4 Series LED Canopy Lights for 2016 | High-Low Bay Canopy Lighting

Recently, There are many contractor customers connecting us to offer them the LED lighting solution for Garage ,Warehouse,Gas Station. That’s right, focus on these public areas ,BBIER has a series of professional LED products special for those area lighting .The best recommendation of the fixture is BBIER Canopy Light which can be more competitive in price,higher-performance and conveniently to be installed.

We have 4 series LED canopy lights as below:
Round LED Canopy Lights ,Square Low-Bay Canopy Lights ,Fins Round LED Canopy Lights, Fins Square LED Canopy Lights, Sensor LED Canopy Lights.
All of them are energy saving, long life, and easy-to-install design. Many of these items are ETL/DLC listed, with rebates available, improving paybacks, and leading to very high return on investment.

Gas Station

BBIER also offer Led Retrofit Kits without the outside Canopy housing
That means our customers can keep their own original lamp cover & replace inside MH/HPS/HID/CFL to LED Retrofit Kits directly ,which can save much costing ,shorten project period for our partners.
Led Retrofit Kits include Round Retrofit Kit,Square Retrofit Kit,Stubby Retrofit Kit,Canopy Light Fins Retrofit Kit.These kits shapes are similarly related to the 4 series Canopy .Of course ,we have many other kinds of Retrofit Kits similarly related to different BBIER LED products ,this time we just show the Canopy Retrofit Kits up.


Follow us and let us learn the details of each kind of Canopy & how to install them one by one.
Type 1 ,Round Low-Bay Canopy Light
Round Canopy is offered 30w 40w 50w 60w, DLC ETL listed. The Retrofit Kit shape similarly related to the cover which make the luminosity curve better. The Beam Angle is 180 degree,with highest output 4700lumen & energy saving 70~80% than traditional lamps.Special circuit design for Parking Garage applications.In this type, we place the Stubby Retrofit Kit inside the housing.
1.Drill 4 holes in the ceiling,then put the fixing screws into the holes .After fixing screws tight,put the mounting bracket along the fixing crew it tight.
2.Unscrew the main screw in the middle of the canopy backside.
3.When the mounting bracket is fixed,screw the column on the top of the fixed mounting bracket clockwise ,then lock the screw at the side of column to prevent it loosing ,then the installation is finished.

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Type 2 ,Square Low-Bay Canopy Light

Square Canopy Lights is 40w 60w 80w offered with DLC ETL listed. The varieties of shapes changed from round to square give our customers more choices for different application. In the aspect of performance,between the Square and Round Light, is too close to call ,as there are also many BBIER partners purchasing both round & square fixtures for their projects in the Garages or Gas Stations.

1.Need to drill 4 holes in the wall .
2.Then take off the screw cap,putting the explosion screw into the wall.
3.Put the screw cap into the screw .


Type 3 ,Fins Round High-Bay Canopy Lights
This type is specially designed for customers’ higher wattage requirement. Higher wattage need better heat dissipation as the visible aluminum fins heat sinks are considered to be responsible for this feature.100w/120w/150w/170w is offered,120w DLC/ETL listed.
High efficiency replacement,170w Round LED Canopy Light equals 600W traditional lamps more than 3 times.Highest output 18700lumen ,equiped with Epistar LED chips 950 pieces,round Retrofit Kits installed.

Inner structure diagram
Screws x 8 /Aluminum fins heat sinks /Power supplier /LED metal core PBC /Screws x 4 /Lamp cover

Special hanging design makes the installation only one step
Hang the ring on the hook and then completed


Type 4 ,Fins Square High-Bay Canopy Lights
This type is also specially designed for customers’ higher wattage requirement. Square aluminum fins heat sinks make the heat dissipation perfectly. Wattage is offered same as type 3 .Different shapes give our customers more choices.At the same time ,we can accept the OEM/ODM,our NOC team will develop new kinds of LED products for new projects.

Inner structure diagram
Power Block Cover/Power Supply/Aluminum fins heat sinks/LED metal core PBC/Screws x 4/Lamp cover
1.Mounting bracket
2.Drill 4 holes in the ceiling, then put the fixing screws into the holes. After fixing screws tight ,put the mounting bracket along the fixing screw.
3.Hang the lamp on the mounting bracket in the ceiling.
4.The lamp fixed and then completed.


Nowadays ,the USA ,India,Europe,Southeast Asia are all developing LED lighting technology .With the push of relevant policies ,LED lighting will be more and more popular all around world.
For example ,the US DLC department opened the policy to allow E40/E27 retrofit bulb to apply DLC certification and get rebate ,8 to12 dollars per LED light.
As we predict ,all the traditional lamps could be replaced by LED ,the world would step into a new Energy saving Times.For this great aim, BBIER will also make a contribution to lighting up the whole world.


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Thanks for watching.

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4 Series LED High Bay Retrofit Lamp for 2016 | Highbay & Lowbay LED Lights Replacement

LED Pizza light, to be one of the most popular indoor retrofit LED lighting is also our flagship product in BBIER. As its shape like the round cake, so we call it the PIZZA LIGHT. E40/E27 base
Pizza light major retrofit the MH, HPS, HID, CFL. Application scenarios such as Area Lighting, GarageLighting, Ceiling Lighting,  Warehouse Lighting, High/Low Bay Lighting. Comparing with the traditional lamp, LED Pizza light owns the advantage of Energy Saving, longer operating life, high quality light source.

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Modern Pole Mount Circular Area Light

100/170Watt LED Pole Mount Circular Area Light, 17465 lumen, 100-277VAC,0-10VDC available,

80-120 degrees Beam angle, Equipped with the 3030 SMD LED,UL Listed Meanwell Power Supply,

Aluminum die-casting heat sinks,it easily outperforms conventional fixtures.










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